Nicky Wire Postal Interview - October 2013
Thanks to Nicky for filling this out for us, love you xxx

DELIRIUM : The new album Rewind The Film has a definite air of middle age about it. As most of your fan base are now approaching middle age was this a deliberate attempt to stay in tune with your current fan base or do the Manics still want to appeal to the masses/a younger age group?

DELIRIUM : Where have all the boas gone from your mic stand? Is this permanent?

DELIRIUM : What are your thoughts on the recent announcement that free school meals will be given to all children aged 5-7, paid for by the cuts in child benefit for higher earners. Do you think this is a good idea, because to me it looks like they are just taking money away with one hand, and then handing it back with the other hand?

DELIRIUM :What are your thoughts/views/opinions about the current situation in Syria? What would you do if you were Prime Minister?

DELIRIUM :Do you know in advance what the next book is that you are going to read? What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year

DELIRIUM : What are your thoughts on the proposed Scottish Independence; it is a good or a bad thing? Do you think Wales should go for the same?

DELIRIUM : In our last face to face interview, you told me that in Japan you once asked for a frying pan to make fried egg sandwiches as you hated the food, and we know you have often talked about your hatred of travelling and being away from home. Does “I Miss The Tokyo Skyline” mark a real change for you in your opinions of travelling, do you enjoy it more now?

DELIRIUM : Do you implement any kind of fitness regime to prepare for tour? We know your knees and back are finished but surely it must take a bit of stamina to keep up with all that jumping?

DELIRIUM : What can we expect from Futorology in terms of sound and the bands image?

DELIRIUM : What do you think of the furore surrounding Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s performance of “Blurred Lines” at the VMA’s? Do you think that she should remain “innocent” due to her young fan base or can she do what she likes now she is twenty years old?

DELIRIUM : When is your favourite time to write lyrics? Evening or daytime?

DELIRIUM :What is the lyric you are most proud of? (Question from Jude Fullman – age 11 )

DELIRIUM : Please tell us your album(s) of the year?

DELIRIUM : Is there anything the coalition government have done so far that you think is a good thing?

DELIRIUM : What do you want for Christmas?